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Branson’s Andy Williams Presents Annual Christmas Show

Former President Ronald Reagan once referred to Andy Williams’ voice as “a national treasure.”

It’s that time of year when this national treasure is heard in Branson for the Christmas season.

Williams is currently preparing his 2008 Christmas stage show, which will appear at his Moon River Theatre in Branson from Nov. 1-Dec. 13.

Featuring dazzling production numbers, which look like Christmas cards come to life, Williams will be joined by a cast of singers, dancers and costumed characters, and perform all of the seasonal favorites, as well as many of his greatest hits.

There are many who remember sitting in front of the television each year and watching Williams and his family and their Christmas celebration.

Millions of Americans made that viewing a holiday tradition for many years. The popularity of the television special led to the idea of putting together a seasonal concert.

Williams would play 25-30 cities each holiday period. In recent years, he began to lessen the number of cities he played and began to present the Christmas show at the Moon River Theatre in Branson.

Williams’ legendary career began at the age of 8 as part of The Williams Brothers Quartet.

In 1951 the brothers decided to each pursue their own solo careers. Williams went to New York and became a regular performer on Steve Allen’s “Tonight Show.” His first album was released in 1956.

During his career, Williams has amassed almost 20 gold albums and three that reached platinum status.

Information courtesy of Branson Daily News
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