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Branson Veterans Week Announces Changes

The annual Branson Veterans Homecoming Week will be a bit different this year. The event will not have a traditional opening or closing ceremony in 2011. Instead, there will be an opening ceremony at the opening of the Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall at the Welk Theater on November 4, 2011. The ceremony will begin at 10am.
In the past the closing ceremony and Tony Orlando’s Annual Yellow Ribbon Salute took place on the same day. This year officials stated only Tony Orlando’s Salute will take place. That even is scheduled for 2pm on November 11 at the Welk Theater Branson. The show is free for veterans and guests. Call 417-334-700 for free tickets.
Branson’s Veterans Week features mini-reunions through the town, a Veterans Village, a day room and free lunch for veterans at the Factory Merchants Mall and other annual events such as the Veterans Day Parade. The Branson’s Veteran Homecoming is one of the largest in the nation with an expected 40,000 people expected.
Branson Veterans Week is scheduled for November 5-11, 2011.

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