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Branson Titanic Museum Opens Musicians Inspired Gallery

When you visit the Titanic Museum in 2014 you’ll gain entrance to an all-new exhibit dedicated to the musicians aboard the famous ship.  The Titanic Musicians’ Gallery will pay tribute to these men, as well as tell their personal stories.  Legendary for playing “Nearer, My God, to Thee” as the ship sank, little about their personal lives is known.  That changes with this gallery at Titanic Branson.

In addition to a video wall and a Steinway & Sons baby grand replicating one of the five that were aboard the Titanic, a cast member dressed as a first-class passenger will share stories about the musicians and their roles on the ship.
The musicians were:
  • Wallace Hartley, 33, bandmaster and violinist
  • John Clarke, 28, double bass
  • Theodore Brailey, 24, pianist
  • John Hume, 21, violinist
  • John Woodward, 32, cellist
  • Roger Bicoux, 20, cellist
  • Georges Krins, 23, violinist
  • Percy Taylor, 40, pianist.

Stories about the musicians come from numerous letters exchanged before they left their final port.  Observations about life on ship offer unique insight, as does several artifacts on display.  A letter from bandleader Wallace Hartley, found on his body, is valued at $150,000, and speaks of what would become the final days of the Titanic RMS. 

This exhibit is one of many at the Titanic Museum Attractionhonoring the everyday heroes aboard the Titanic ship.

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