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Branson Gospel Music Revival Returns to Tri-Lakes Center

The Branson Gospel Music Revival returns to Branson this summer, June 28-July 1, 2011. The event will features fellowship, music and an exciting talent search. There will be over 100 artists performing everything from gospel music to country music.
A few of the fan favorites that will be performing include Dino, HisSong, Beyond the Ashes, Freedom, Kenny Bishop, Voices of Glory, Mystery Men, The Greesons, Shannon Bunch, Rod Burton and Praise Incorporated.

The Branson Gospel Music Revival will be located at the Tri-Lakes Center.

This year’s talent search is sponsored by Pathway Records. Entries can be made at the Branson Gospel Music Revival website. The search will take place at the Tri-Lakes Center theater on Thursday, June 30, at 10am. Participants will sing one song for a judging panel chosen by Pathway Records and a select audience. There are also prizes for second and third place.

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