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Branson Entertainers Plan Fundraiser for Flood Victims

Branson entertainers, vendors and community members will join forces on Saturday to give big to Midwest flood victims.

“Branson Gives Big” includes a family festival on the patio of Branson Star Theatre and a special concert. Proceeds from the festival, the concert, as well as from all the day’s shows at Branson Star Theatre, will benefit the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, as well as assist flood-victim families visiting Branson.

The one-time concert will include Jim Stafford, The Lennon Sisters, Jim Barber, The Hughes Brothers, Doug Gabriel, Dave and Denise Hamner, the cast of Breaking Up is Hard To Do, a musical featuring the songs of Neil Sedaka, Delena Ditto, David Lomascola, Gail Lennon and the Buzz Boys, Redkneckers and The Branson Divas.

Linda Buckles, one of the event coordinators, described bringing together so many Branson stars to benefit Midwest flood victims as “amazing.”

“This is just the kind of town that does that,” she said.

The show begins at 3 p.m.

The family festival, which gets under way at 11 a.m., will include concessions, vendors, inflatables, games and prizes, and free outdoor-stage entertainment.

“We are very excited about the outpouring from the Branson community and we are looking forward to a very fun event that is so much more special because all the vendors are donating a portion of their proceeds to the relief effort,” said co-event coordinator Angela Walker.

Buckles has been working to put faces on the victims and has arranged to bring five families affected by the flooding in Iowa to Branson for a free all-expense paid getaway. The families will be attending the day’s festivities.

“The community has given rooms, meals, show and attraction tickets — all free for these families. We are so grateful, however we do still need to pay for the travel expenses these families and are actively looking for donations to accomplish this,” Buckles said. “We are asking for help from the community to raise funds for the travel expenses and any amount will be appreciated.”

Buckles has visited with each of the families that will be arriving in town later this week. She said several have called this getaway a “miracle,” and something they could not have afforded to do, but truly appreciate at this time. Two of the five families have lost everything in the flooding.

“It is gut-wrenching,” Buckles said.

Information courtesy of Branson Daily News
Image courtesy of Branson Star Theater

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