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Branson Dinosaur Museum & Haunted House Move to New Location

Two Branson attractions that frighten and educate are moving to a new location.  The Branson Dinosaur Museum and Haunted House is moving to the Branson Mall, between Wal-Mart and Jubilee Grocery Store.  The attractions are scheduled to re-open in March.

Attraction owners are hoping the visibility of their new location, along with foot traffic, will increase the number of visitors walking through the doors.
The Branson Dinosaur Museum is home to over 50 life-sized dinosaurs, from the very smallest creature, a 1-foot micro-raptor, to the towering 42-foot tyrannosaurus rex that stands about two stories high.  The models were made by paleo-artists who fashioned molds from the original dinosaur skeletons and then created the bodies.  All of the dinosaurs have descriptive details and visitors may take as long as they like on the self-guided tour.
The Branson Haunted House and Monster Asylum features spooktacular fun for those who dare to be scared.  Cutting edge animatronics, numerous gargoyles and monsters, as well as a nightmarish hall of sinister screen legends and a recreated Ozarks cemetery lie in wait for their next victim…er, visitor. 


  1. It must have been quite a job moving all of those bones, again! I do think the location will be much better. I know children of all ages love the Dinosaur museum!

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