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Atlantis Space Shuttle Exhibit Lands in Branson

An out-of-this-world attraction has landed in Branson, Missouri.  The Atlantis Space Shuttle Exhibit gives Branson visitors the opportunity to experience what a real space shuttle is like.  Climb aboard the half-size replica to see for yourself!

Photo Credit: Branson Tri Lakes News
During the first half of the experience the rider’s seat   faces a control panel and monitors and watches while the shuttle is launched into space.  After the launch sequence is complete, America astronaut Sunita Williams, via video, gives a tour of the some of the interesting features of the International Space Station. 

The 16-seat shuttle is the only one of its kind.  It is equipped with more than 50 display monitors and 17 computers and is an outstanding replica of the Atlantis Space Shuttle.  The tours, which are very educational, are currently available from 10am-8pm Wednesday through Sunday.  The Shuttle is currently located near the RFD-TV Theater. 

The experience will cost $7 and include a nine minute simulation to the moon and a guided tour of the shuttle.



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