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All-New Western Stunt Show Shines at Silver Dollar City

Photo Credit: Silver Dollar City

Are you ready for an action-packed show unlike any other you’ll see in Branson?  If so, get tickets to Silver Collar City where an all new western stunt show – The Pinkerton Man – is being performed during the park’s National Harvest Festival

Performed at the Echo Hollow Amphitheater, the western stunt show features a cast of professional stunt actors, plus Silver Dollar Cityactors.  Pyrotechnics, explosions, music and dancing bring the show to life.  Watch as stunt men and women perform amazing feats including 3-story falls, rapid-slide rappels, street fights and more along with stunning pyrotechnic special effects. The Pinkerton Man also features live animals, comedy and original live music performed by guest favorites Sons of the Silver Dollar.
The classic good guy versus bad guy western story is the perfect addition to National Harvest Festival, which opened September 13 and runs through October 27.  During the festival more than 125 craftsmen from across the country appear at Silver Dollar City.  A juried art show, western musicians, cowboy poets, chuckwagon chefs and more add to the festivities. 

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