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Adventures of Marco Polo Premieres in Branson, MO

The Adventures of Marco Polo debuted in Branson last Friday, August 9, to a sold out crowd.  Located at the White House Theater, The Adventures of Marco Polo is one of the largest productions in Branson, Missouri.   The show is an epic tale of exploration and wonder, love and loss with a cast of over 60 worldwide performers, magnificent sets and costuming!

Centered on Venetian explorer Marco Polo’s 20 plus years of living in China, his mission to deliver a letter to Kublia Kahn and his eventual relation with  Kahn, as well as firsthand descriptions of the culture, history and heritage of China is the late 1200s.  In the marvelous land of China, Marco Polo witnessed the vast grassland, the majestic palace of Yuan Dynasty, the beautiful watery countryside and articles like the magic compass, soft silks and the skilled craftsman.  These scenes are brought to life with elaborate stage sets and more than 100 original costumes.  The addition of a 2,000 square foot floor-to-ceiling and side-to-side-high resolution LED screen helps brings the visual backgrounds to life. 

A dinner can be added to the show too.  Keeping with the China theme, the menu includes:
Course 1: Toss Greens House Salad or Oriental Salad
Course 2: Orange Chicken, Lo Mein Noodles,
Green Beans, Spring Roll
Course 3: Cherry Turnover

Original orchestration, dance, acrobatics, magic and a moving storyline create a unique show set apart from other shows in Branson.  Purchase Adventures of Marco Polo tickets to see this extravagant production.  Tickets currently feature a savings of over $11.

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