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’57 Heaven Museum Gearing Up to Sell Collection of Cars

The golden days of 1957 have been over for quite some time now, but in Branson, they have been alive & well for the past three years. ’57 Heaven Museum, located at the Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater, has been home to a plethora of 1957 automobiles, all paying homage to an era that is trademarked by poodle skirts, sock hops and soda fountains. However, the owner of the ’57 Heaven Museum, Glenn Patch, has decided to sell his vintage car collection, citing the economy as his main reason for liquidating his collection. He is quoted, in an excerpt from the LA Times, as saying “If it weren’t for the economy, I wouldn’t be selling.”

A total of 66 cars filled the museum, which was located on the ground floor of the Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater. Patch would like to sell the collection as one piece, but many doubt that is a possibility. Currently, the car collection and contents of the museum are being sold for $17 million.
The museum is still open for the time being, operating Monday – Saturday, from 9am – 5pm. Visit the 30,000 sq ft museum now for a look at vintage America, because soon it will be gone, just like the days of 1957.

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