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2nd Annual Branson Gospel Music Convention Returns this Summer

The 2nd Annual Branson Gospel Music Convention is scheduled for June 28-July 2, 2010 at the Branson Convention Center. Located in the downtown area, the Branson Convention Center is the perfect place to spotlight the gospel music genre.

The venue will feature 240 exhibit booths for artists and a 1650 seat auditorium for showcase and main event concerts. Southern gospel music will be spotlighted, as will groups like the Blackwood Quartet, Young Harmony, Beyond the Ashes, Kenny Bishop, HisSong and Dino.
Approximately 150 artists are expected to appear during the 9 concerts of the Branson Gospel Music Convention. These are the current anchor appearances scheduled for the evening concerts.
Monday 6/28 ~ 7pmHissong, The Melody Boys, Hinson Revival, Ron Brewer, 2nd Generation, English Family, Beyond the Ashes, McMillan and Life, Jon Groves, Shannon Bunch
Tuesday 6/29 ~ 5:30 pmMystery Men, The Melody Boys, Chuck Wagon Gang, Young Harmony, The Roarks, Rod Burton, Marcey Wall
Wednesday Evening ~ 5:30 pm
Beyond The Ashes, Chuck Wagon Gang, Dino, Buddy Liles, Jay Stone Singers, Praise Inc., Shannon Bunch, Hinson Revival, Kenny Bishop
Thursday ~ 5:30 pmThe SGN Scoops Diamond Awards followed by concert with Blackwood Quartet, Buddy Liles, Rick Atkinson, English Family, Shannon Bunch. Eric Hinson, Ascension Quartet, Ron Brewer
Friday ~ 5:30 pmRick Atkinson, Kenny Bishop, Blackwood Quartet, 2nd Generation, McMillan and Life, Sunday Edition, Young Harmony
The Branson Gospel Music Convention is produced by YMR Music Productions.

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