In addition to the thrilling rides and award-winning shows, Silver Dollar City is also known for its delectable home-cooked food. From BBQ to baked goods, visitors have a world of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. During your next visit, be sure to try all of the fantastic places to eat at Silver Dollar City. Your taste buds will thank you.

Places to Eat at Silver Dollar City

Get ready to dig into one of the many skillet meals at Silver Dollar City

Skillet Meals

Silver Dollar City is known worldwide for the mouth-watering skillet meals. Cooked on a gigantic skillet, this type of satisfying home-cooked meal can be found in several restaurants throughout the park. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the massive skillets used by the chefs.

For the best skillet meals in Silver Dollar City, make your way to these tasty restaurants:


Heads up – the skillet meals are hearty, filling, and all around amazing. You can’t visit Silver Dollar City without ordering one.


BBQ fans should head to Silver Dollar City for the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival.

Fall-Off-the-Bone BBQ

No trip to Silver Dollar City is complete without a sampling of incredible BBQ. Whether you prefer smoked or slow cooked BBQ, you can find it in several places to eat at Silver Dollar City. If you’re searching for savory BBQ, visit Annie’s Shack and Riverside Ribhouse while at Silver Dollar City.

Throughout the year, the theme park also hosts a wide assortment of festivals and events including the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival. If you happen to visit Silver Dollar City in May, you’ll find yourself at the epicenter of BBQ. Head to these BBQ spots during the festival:


Image via Silver Dollar City / Facebook

Image via Silver Dollar City / Facebook

Home-Style Buffets

After riding roller coasters and experiencing all that Silver Dollar City has to offer, you’ll work up quite the appetite. Conquer your hunger by enjoying a home-style, buffet meal at Lucky Silver Mine Restaurant. You’ll have a wide variety of hearty meats, vegetables, and sides to choose from, including:

  • Smoked Sliced Beef Brisket
  • Famous Miner’s Beef Stew
  • Southern-style Ham & Beans
  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
  • Green Beans
  • Fried Okra
  • Assorted Seasonal Vegetables
  • Sweet Corn Bread
  • Salad Bar
  • And so much more


Seriously, there’s so much food to choose from here! It’s no wonder this restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat at Silver Dollar City.

Image via Silver Dollar City / Facebook

Image via Silver Dollar City / Facebook

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Now, if you’re like me, you can’t visit an amusement park without eating something sweet. Those who have a serious sweet tooth will love watching ice cream be churned and made (and then instantly eaten by you) at Hannah’s Ice Cream Factory. Plus, with so many flavors and sundae combinations to choose from, it’s an ice cream lover’s dream.

On the other hand, if you prefer baked desserts, you need to visit Eva & Delilah’s Bakery. It’s nearly impossible to pass by this bakery, considering the sweet tantalizing scent of sugary goodness fills the air all around it. The cinnamon rolls here are downright addicting. On top of that, they have different flavors of cinnamon rolls. Yes, you read that right. You can order a red velvet cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting at Silver Dollar City. Excuse me while I place my order immediately…

When looking for sweet places to eat at Silver Dollar City, Hannah’s Ice Cream Factory and Eva & Delilah’s Bakery are where it’s at. Word of advice, eat these after going on the thrill rides. You can thank me later.

Quick Bites to Eat

Even if you’re searching for a quick snack or meal, Silver Dollar City has exactly what you’re looking for. Stop by one of these places to eat at Silver Dollar City for a delicious, but speedy, bite to eat:


2017 is the Year of Food and Crafts

Throughout 2017, Silver Dollar City is celebrating food and crafts with exciting festivals, more than 200 new menu items, and so much more. For exquisite food and fun, check out these tasty Silver Dollar City festivals this year:

  • Spring Ride Days – March 15th through April 2nd
  • The Festival of Wonder – April 6th through April 30th
  • Bluegrass & BBQ Festival – May 4th through May 29th
  • Silver Dollar City Food Days – May 30th through June 9th, and July 31st through August 20th
  • Star Spangled Summer – June 3rd through July 16th
  • Moonlight Madness – July 15th through July 30th
  • Southern Gospel Picnic – August 24th through September 4th
  • Country Music Weekend – September 8th through September 10th
  • National Crafts & Cowboy Festival – September 13th through October 28th
  • An Old Time Christmas – November 4th through December 30th


No matter when you visit, you’ll never have a shortage of delightful places to eat at Silver Dollar City.

Purchase your Silver Dollar City tickets from Reserve Branson today. With the money you save on tickets, you can buy another cinnamon roll, ice cream sundae or skillet meal!


Silver Dollar City, a Midwest theme park set in the 1880s, welcomes millions of visitors each year. Families from across the United States flock here for thrilling rides, entertaining shows, delicious food and so much more! They may know they can’t wait to ride Outlaw Run, but they only graze the surface of what there really is to know about this Branson theme park. Discover this attraction’s history, legend and claims to fame with our rundown of intriguing Silver Dollar City facts.


Marvel Cave/Brent Schmidt, flickr

1) It All Started with a Hole in the Ground

It’s not every day a theme park is born from a hole in the ground, but at Silver Dollar City, that’s exactly what happened. Marvel Cave, an enormous cavern, was first explored by Osage Indians in the 1500s. Then, it was mined by a group of Union Civil War veterans in the 1880s. After word spread of this natural wonder, mining expert William Henry Lynch opened the cave for public tours in 1894.

Finally, Hugo and Mary Herschend, founders of Silver Dollar City, signed a 99-year lease on the cave in 1950. They began implementing the initial phases of the 1880s mining town, which included demonstrating craftsmen, and the idea behind Silver Dollar City was born.

2) Coining a Name

One of the Silver Dollar City facts many people are curious about is how the park got its name. The answer may surprise you! It all began with a promotional idea. When the park first opened in 1960, it gave out silver dollars for change. As a result, word-of-mouth exposure was rampant. Visitors who returned home would remark on their visit to “Silver Dollar City” and the name stuck.


Silver Dollar City in 1960/Silver Dollar City Attractions, Facebook

3) It Takes a Village, an Ozark Village

The park was initially modeled after an 1880s Ozark Village. Accordingly, the town had a blacksmith shop, general store, ice cream parlor, doll shop, two authentic log structures and the Wilderness Church. The attraction did have strolling entertainers, as well as a show, themed after the Hatfield and McCoy Feud. However, no rides were available at that time. A theme park without rides? Silver Dollar City facts don’t get more unusual than that!

4) What was the First Ride at Silver Dollar City?

Speaking of rides, the very first ride at Silver Dollar City was the Frisco Silver Dollar Line. This steam train ride, which opened in 1962, remains largely the same today as it did then. Riders are treated to a leisurely, scenic 20-minute ride through the Ozarks. Of course, some pesky, no-good robbers always seem to lurk in those woods. The faithful conductor, though, continues to save passengers 50 years and counting. So, don’t fret—this is a safe ride!


Outlaw Run/Silver Dollar City Attractions, Facebook

5) The World’s Most Daring Wooden Coaster

Die hard Silver Dollar City fans already know Outlaw Run is the park’s latest and greatest thrill ride. However, they might not know this attraction is truly groundbreaking. In fact, Outlaw Run is the world’s most daring wooden coaster. Why so? Because it includes the world’s first and only double barrel roll on a wooden coaster; it’s the only wooden coaster to twist upside down; and is the world’s steepest wood coaster with a drop of more than 16 stories!

6) Silver Dollar City Loves Christmas

When one thinks of massive holiday light displays, Silver Dollar City may not be the first attraction to cross your mind. I’ve got news for you: that needs to change! This premier Midwest theme park loves Christmas and celebrates it with an all-out, one-of-a-kind spectacle that truly dazzles. First of all, there’s the glow of over five million lights. Secondly, there’s over 1,000 decorated Christmas trees. Thirdly, there are two Broadway-style shows included free with park admission. As if that’s not enough, there’s also 5-Story Special Effects Christmas Tree, Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade featuring Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer & Friends, and dozens of stores ideal for holiday shopping. It’s no wonder Good Morning America has named Silver Dollar City “A Top 5 Spot To Light Up The Holidays!”

Glass Blowing

7) Demonstrating Craftsmen Central to Park’s Purpose

Demonstrating craftsmen have long been an integral part of Silver Dollar City. The park held its first craft festival in 1963. During which, 19 craftsmen showcased woodworking, weaving, blacksmithing, glass blowing and other unique trades. The demonstrating craftsmen were such a hit, the owners decided to make them residents of the park year-round. Today, there are over 100 demonstrating craftsmen on the park at any given time.

8) The Food is a Main Attraction

Many times, theme park food gets fairly lukewarm reviews. Luckily, that’s not the case at this theme park. When it comes to Silver Dollar City facts, there’s one no one can argue with—they’re food is delicious! In particular, you’ve got to try the Lumbercamp Falls Skillet; their melt-in-your-mouth funnel cakes; and the made-on-site taffy with flavors ranging from watermelon to butterscotch and so much more. Seriously, you could make a day at this park just eating!

wilderness-church-062-rsz Silver Dollar City Facts

Wilderness Church/Silver Dollar City

9) You Can Say “I Do” at the Park

Remember the Wilderness Church mentioned earlier? It was one of the original Ozark Village buildings and is still a prominent part of the park today. Visitors love the church so much, many wanted to get married here. So, the park agreed! Now, they host over 100 weddings a year. Be on the lookout for a bride riding roller coasters in her wedding gown. Hey, it could happen!

10) Silver Dollar City has its Own Resort

Why let the Silver Dollar City experience end at the park? Reserve a cabin at the Wilderness Resort to continue the authentic, all-American, outdoorsy experience. These cabins are outfitted with the latest creature comforts, while also providing a nice respite from the everyday hustle and bustle. Gather round a campfire for smores, gaze at the star-filled skies, and sleep soundly in your Pioneer-inspired yet modern day cabin. The resort gets bonus points for its free shuttle to Silver Dollar City!

Did You Know these 10 Silver Dollar City Facts?

I told you a few of the facts about Silver Dollar City were surprising. Of course, there is always more to learn about Silver Dollar City. And the best way to do so is by experiencing it firsthand. Purchase your Silver Dollar City tickets from Reserve Branson and start planning your vacation in the Ozark Mountains today.

One of the best things about Legends in Concert is the way the show constantly changes its line-up, creating a fresh new show for Branson visitors year after year. In 2017, Legends in Concert Branson shakes up the tribute artists performing. Old favorites will return as will the trend of bringing in more contemporary artists. Ready to find out who is performing at Legends in Concert? Read on.

The full 2017 Legends in Concert Branson spring tribute artist line-up includes:


Spring Line-Up: February 3 – May 16
George Strait (Larry Turner)
The Blues Brothers (Clint Nievar and Danny Z)
Elvis Presley (variety of performers)
The Temptations (Talmadge Pearsall, Earl Welch, Greg Laster, Ditannual Hutchinson, Grady Harrell III): Feb. 3-May 11
Dusty Springfield (Katy Setterfield): Feb. 3-March 31
Prince (Frank Moore): Feb. 16-March 2
Adele (J.C. Brando): April 1-May 16
Michael Jackson (Michael Knight): May 12-16


Summer Line-Up: May 22– September 6
The Blues Brothers (Clint Nievar and Danny Z)
Elvis Presley (variety of performers)
Celine Dion (Elisa Furr)
Michael Jackson (Michael Knight)
Brooks and Dunn (Doug Brewin and Larry Turner)
Bruno Mars (Isaiah): June 1-July 31


Fall Line-Up: September 7 – October 31
Frank Sinatra (Robbie Howard)
Nedgra Culp (Aretha Franklin)
Alan Jackson (Doug Brewin)
The Blues Brothers (Clint Nievar and Danny Z)
Elvis Presley (Dean Z)


Winter Line-Up (November 2 – December 31)
Michael Jackson (Michael Knight)
Alan Jackson (Doug Brewin)
The Blues Brothers (Clint Nievar and Danny Z)
Elvis Presley (Dean Z)
Barbara Streisand (Sharon Owens): Nov. 2-Dec. 30

Legends in Concert Branson is hosting a variety of Elvis tribute artists in 2017 in order to showcase all of the talented artists who fill the role of the King of Rock. Several Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Champions will take the stage, including Cody Slaughter, Dean Z, Bill Cherry, Ted Torres and Travis Powell.

Legends in Concert Branson is one of the first shows to open in Branson, with the 2017 show opener set for February 3 at 8pm. Tickets are on sale now.

Ashley is Reserve Direct’s travel expert, visiting Branson to find the best travel tips, money-saving deals and insider information. With over 10 years of experience in first-hand-travel adventures, she shares her stories, advice, and current events to help you stay in the know.