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Pierce Arrow Theater in Branson, MO

Pierce Arrow Theater
3069 Shepherd of the Hills ExpresswayBranson, MO 65616  
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Pierce Arrow is Tony Turner, Travis Spratt, Scott Fraker, and Dan Britton
For 15 years, Pierce Arrow has been the Branson show all others are measured against and this year brings it’s most ambitious
and electrifying show yet.
Pierce Arrow strives to have the HOTTEST SHOW in town. While also being touted as one of Branson’s most family friendly shows.
You will always find great music that you know and love as well as rock the house gospel music. While laughing your socks off.
The wardrobe is custom and hand made for each of the cast members individually by our very own tailor from Las Vegas Nevada.
When the gowns come out the sun glasses will go on!
Plus …. There is NEVER a show that goes by without our heart felt tribute to our Veterans.
Entertainers from all walks of life
Guinness Book of World Records holders
American Idol winners
Branson Funniest comedians
Hand picked entertainment for the NFL Dallas Cowboys
The very best male and female vocalist from all over America.
The Pierce Arrow Theater has no doubt Branson’s most elaborate
staging and lighting. While it is not Branson’s largest stage, Pierce
Arrow has invested more money per square foot on their stage than
any other theater in Branson. A moving stage and unique special
effects are truly what makes the Pierce Arrow show an unforgettable experience.

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