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Acrobats of China Featuring the New Shanghai Circus in Branson, MO

Yakov's Theatre
470 State Hwy 248Branson, MO 65616  
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Acrobats of Chinda featuring the New Shanghai Circus in Branson, Missouri
Acrobats of China featuring New Shanghai Circus celebrates their 17th season in Branson at Yakov's Theatre on the corner of US 65 and Hwy 248.

The Acrobats of China featuring New Shanghai Circus deliver a fast-paced, exciting production showcasing dramatic interpretation of classic Chinese dance and human physical performance art.

Each year the New Shanghai Circus brings different Acrobatic troupes from China to perform and this years' troupe is a spectacular extravaganza of elegant eastern dance, dazzling acrobatics, awesome human strength and beauty, and more. Direct from Jinan, China the FenMo Acrobatic Troupe is known for their colorful costuming, award-winning skills, and playful performances. It's a great show for the whole family!

You'll love the revolving line-up of internationally award-winning acts including the playful lion dance, lasso fun, delightful diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo), incredible hoop-diving, bicycle party, thrilling aerial ballet, daring chair stack, and marvelous spinning plates in this huge production show. It's a stunning experience for everyone!

You'll be on the edge of your seats as these talented acrobats top each other with one amazing feat after another in this celebration of Chinese history and culture. You'll marvel not only at the amazing athletic ability of the performers but at the grace and beauty of the performance.

Have fun with the Incredible! Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus at Yakov's Theatre in Branson MO!

And don't miss the show before the show. As a beautiful lady presents a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony, Chinese music plays, and various artists create ancient Chinese arts and crafts.

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