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Branson’s #1 attraction for more than 50 years, Silver Dollar City is an award-winning park themed around the late 1800s. The park offers six incredible festivals, 40 live shows performed daily, 60 one-of-a-kind shops, family adventures and a variety of lighting displays. From bluegrass performances to barbecue festivals, this unique destination has great experiences unlike any other.

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Branson Travel Experts
  • Arrive after 3:00 pm, get your next day admission free. (Note: Must arrive after 7:00 pm during Old Time Christmas Festival for bonus day to apply).
  • Parking is free for all guests.
  • Use package pick-up to avoid carrying shopping bags.
  • Small coolers are permitted.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Visit the Official Measuring Station to find out your child's height and receive a color-coded wristband for ride entry.
  • Put your phone number on your child's color-coded wristband in case you get separated.
  • Time Traveler: The World's Fastest, Steepest, & Tallest Spinning coaster is now open.
  • Outlaw Run: The world’s only looping wooden roller coaster.
  • Fireman’s Landing Family Adventure area - ideal for ages 3 to 93.

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Insights from Reserve Direct's own team members

Ashley C.

Silver Dollar City's Old Fashioned Christmas is a must-do during the holidays!

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Kevin W. Chief Creative Officer

A lot of fantastic rides for kids plus some world-class roller coasters.

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from Silver Dollar City
Branson’s #1 attraction for over 55 years, Silver Dollar City is an internationally-awarded 1880s-style theme park that features over 40 thrilling rides & attractions including NEW for 2018: Time Traveler™ - the world’s fastest, steepest and tallest spinning coaster!

Prepare to embark on the ride of a century as Time Traveler launches adventurers twice and flips them upside down three times, with 360-degree views, while rotating through the sky!

Enjoy even more adrenaline-inducing adventures on thrill rides and roller coasters including Outlaw Run®, WildFire®, PowderKeg®, The Giant Barn Swing and more. You’ll find fun for all ages in the themed ride areas Fireman’s Landing and The Grand Exposition as well as aboard family favorites like the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train.

Silver Dollar City is also home to 10 world-class festivals and events from The Festival of Wonder in the spring to the acclaimed An Old Time Christmas®. Plus, tour Marvel Cave, one of Missouri’s deepest caverns, experience award-winning dining throughout the park, explore over 60 unique shops and see daily demonstrations from Silver Dollar City’s 100 resident craftsmen.

Reserve Branson Customer Reviews

370 Reviews
Reserve Branson Customer
Tulsa, OK
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Unforgettable Family Fun"
August, 2018 NEW
Buying the discounted 2-day ticket to SDC on Reserve Branson allowed us an extra day of fun in the park & gave us extra funds to spend on souvenirs at the park for our family. Thank you Reserve Branson. We’ll definitely purchase tickets to SDC again from your website.
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Jamie L.
Tremont, IL
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Overall nice with a few drawbacks"
August, 2018 NEW
Clean and well maintained. Not great for people with mobility issues. Even the younger adults in our group were challenged by the terrain. The maps are good around the park but a little difficult to navigate without looking at the map. More signage on the sidewalks or something may be needed. The shows and demos all ended before around 3pm it seemed like but the park was open extended hours. Hardly any shops were open extended hours and the ones that were had very long walks between. The price for a one day ticket is too high. They really push the season ticket. But when you only have a few days on Branson you don't want to spend the whole time at silver dollar city. The reserve Branson price was nice because it allowed 2 days for only a little more than a single day. The shuttle was very quick into the park and back to our car. The cost of the refill mug was reasonable and handy. There could be more water fountains throughout the park for those who don't want soda. The benches available almost everywhere was good since the hills really were difficult for several in our group. A wristband system to pay would be a nice option so you aren't pulling cash from your pocket all the time. I like the rides that have areas to observe the riders. That was nice for grandparents to be able to see the kids while they are on the rides. Many rides are not visible to spectators so you do a lot of waiting and wondering when they are going to be on the ride.
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Tip: Prepare to walk alot and try to plan your backpack or bag as light as possible. It's a long way to get things back to the lockers or your car throughout the day.

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John/Angie Maxville
Kansas City, KS
3 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"Great Theme Park"
August, 2018 NEW
The new ride, Time Traveler, was amazing and a big hit. Park was clean and staff was very friendly. I enjoyed the shops and rides.
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Tip: Sunblock! Wear comfortable shoes!

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Stephanie Keese
Rowlett, TX
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Fun day at Silver Dollar City"
August, 2018 NEW
Silver Dollar City is like a pioneer version of Six Flags. It was a fun experience for our family of 4. Our boys loved it. Our oldest son loved the rollercoasters. Our youngest son loved looking around and riding the kiddie rides. We were there until they closed at midnight. The most amazing part of it was riding in a water raft while they had a fireworks show on, which was real close to the water raft ride. That was cool.
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Tip: Bring a wagon for your young kids. You'll be glad you did!

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Sandra Calrow
Afton, OK
4 Reviews
Verified Traveler
August, 2018 NEW
Went after 3pm and there were no shows and no one showing how they did their craft trades. So disappointed.
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Shelby Burgos
Heavener , OK
3 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"It was okay"
August, 2018 NEW
I personally didn't like all the uphill walking, not because of laziness but because it's to hot to walk that far in the heat. Some of the rides were fun. But when we went alot of rides and places lost power. So we didn't get to enjoy alot of things. We had a 2 day pass and didn't even go the 2nd day we were disappointed so badly with the 1st.
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Tip: Prepare to walk alot uphill, and hope alot of the rides aren't shut down or lost power.

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Michael M.
Broken Arrow, OK
2 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"Best place for families!"
August, 2018 NEW
Silver Dollar City was more than we expected. It was the best experience, so much to do and very well staffed. Bathrooms were clean and food was good!
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Carey Hall
Greenwood, MO
2 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"Best rides were shut down"
August, 2018 NEW
I haven't been here in years but our daughter wanted to ride the rides. It was very disappointing as all the good rides, including the Time Traveler (new one), was shut down. They wouldn't say why and they wouldn't say when it would be fixed. There are very few rides as it is here. Mostly stores for you buy things or watch someone make something. So the rides that ARE there would be nice to be able to ride. Unfortunately, that was not the case. We live in Kansas City and have Worlds of Fun. We'll just go there instead of wasting several hundred dollars to come to Branson and go to Silver Dollar City. Total waste of time and money
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Tip: Call ahead to make sure rides are open

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Steve L
Quincy, Illinois
"A full day at the park"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed August 16, 2018 NEW
Great experience at the park with plenty of entertainment for the whole family and friends. Excellent roller coasters to choose from and award winning food
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TripAdvisor user image
"Fun for young and old"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed August 16, 2018 NEW
First you can get a 2 day pass at many of your resorts for only 5 dollars more than a regular 1 day ticket. Go on a weekday if possible. Nothing here for the very young newborn -2 year old but if your toddler is 32in tall there is a wonderful children's area just for them. Many thrill seeking rides for the young adult and young at heart and a lot of shows to choose from if you want to just sit down and relax for awhile. We will definitely be back. Oh, and their refillable drink cup is good for FOREVER.
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TripAdvisor user image
Des Moines, IA
"Loved it- great family trip!"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed August 16, 2018 NEW
We got the three day pass and spent two days at SDC and one day at Whitewater. Kids loved it and adults did as well. I especially liked that there were rides and things to do for people of all ages- little kids to seniors. We went on most of the rides- it was busy but even then there weren't long lines on anything but the most popular roller coasters. Staff were all friendly and accommodating. Free parking was a plus and you can bring in your own food and drinks but I didn't think food or souveniers were too expensive compared to other places. Landscaping was beautifully done as well. Go early first thing in the morning and you can do most rides pretty much no lines at all for the first hour or two.
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TripAdvisor user image
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Not as I remember it"
TripAdvisor user rating 3 out of 5
Reviewed August 16, 2018 NEW
Okay, it has been over thirty years since I have been there and so I am that much older. I took my daughter and her 4-year-old daughter for a few days. The weather was against us and that's nobody's fault. The first day we were there the rides closed down due to a lightning storm in the area so we left. After walking around and gawking at stuff, we only got on one ride. It seemed like most of what we saw was food! Everywhere we turned was another food vendor. All the rides were for older kids, except for the one we found, which closed after we road it once. We did better on day two, got there earlier before the rain storms came and found the area for small kids. We never saw any of the music shows, some weren't happening and we had limited time again because of impending rain. Still, food everywhere! We picked up a couple of turkey legs to take home and exited through the gift shop! Never made it back for the third day and it rained all day. We still had some things to do, but maybe next year, if there is one. It was clean, and people were pleasant. We got the 15 dollar drink mug as had been suggested and kept refilling it as it was hot when it wasn't raining. We used the free parking as others suggested too and that was great. No need to pay for parking there, the shuttles are frequant and fast.
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TripAdvisor user image
Doe O
New Orleans, Louisiana
"Last of the great FAMILY FUN places that still shines"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed August 15, 2018 NEW
First and foremost -- PARKING WAS FREE !! YES FREE ! Unheard of at the dozens of other theme parks I have visited over my lifetime. I had no idea how this would set the mood of positivity for the remainder of the day :) So MUCH APPRECIATION to the owners and managers for freeing up this expenditure to use elsewhere while in the park itself !! Our visit was during the hottest and driest July on record in recent times. This theme park was designed to compensate for that with plenty of shaded areas, trees, areas to sit, misting machines and more. The layout was perfectly planned and landscaped for distributing its patrons in a way that never made one feel crowded. It had a fabulous mixture of both rides and entertainment, and intermingled demonstrations that both allowed for educational opportunities and engaged the guests. The rides were FUN ! Each ride provided ample length and entertainment, none of them were a waste of time (admittedly most them parks have some that are just a downright bore... NOT here). Food choices were excellent in variety and cost. Buffets, the usual kiosks and snack bars were placed conveniently throughout the park, so one never walked too far to reach their goal. It was also nice to see many young people's talent on display. Not your typical "1000 auditions later they put together a "show", but real everyday folks who loved what they were doing (such as forms of dancing), and had their families there cheering them on from the audience. The entire atmosphere was like an oldschool family field day, with the bonus of thrill rides and roller coasters thrown in. I hope the blue ribbon management team of this place keeps up the EXCELLENT work for many decades to come, so that others can continue to enjoy what a family vacation is all about !! What are you waiting for -- put this one on the must do list :)
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Frequently Asked Questions about Silver Dollar City

How long do I have to use the Two Day Ticket at Silver Dollar City?
The 2nd day must be used within 2 operating days of the first use at SDC. For instance, if your first admission is used on Wednesday you can use the second admission on either Thursday or Friday.

If I go to the park after 3:00 pm, can I still get the next day free on a one or two day ticket?
Yes. If you arrive at Silver Dollar City after 3:00 pm and you go the next day, it counts as ONE of your admissions. The second day of admission must be used within two operating days. For instance, if you go to the park after 3:00 pm on a Tuesday, then attend on Wednesday, you can then choose to go to the park on Thursday or Friday as part of your two-day ticket. To take advantage of this offer during Old Time Christmas, your entry must be after 7:00 pm. 

How long should I plan to stay at Silver Dollar City?
It depends - there is so much entertainment to experience. We recommend at least one entire day. Two days during our festivals.

What is Silver Dollar City's Trailblazer pass?
Blaze a trail through your favorite Silver Dollar City rides with the Trailblazer Pass! Each pass is only $35 + tax, and is good for use up to 8 times for one single day!

When you purchase the pass, you’ll get to go straight to the front of the line at Outlaw Run, PowderKeg, Wildfire, FireFall, The Giant Barn Swing, Thunderation, Fire In The Hole, Lost River of the Ozarks, Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, Tom & Huck's RiverBlast and American Plunge. Please note, the Trailblazer Pass is good for only use on Outlaw Run. Stop at the Cave Information Desk (located in the Hospitality House) on your way into the park to purchase your pass. T
he quantity of Trailblazer Passes issued each day is limited, and passes are available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are coolers allowed at Silver Dollar City?
Small coolers are allowed at the park.

Is a senior ticket available at a lower price?
Senior rates are not available at this time. 

If my child is three years or younger are they admitted to free to the park?
Yes! Children age 3 and younger are admitted free of charge.

Are strollers, wheelchairs, lockers, and electric carts available at Silver Dollar City?
Strollers and lockers are available to rent at the park on a first-come basis for a nominal fee. Wheelchairs and electric convenience vehicles (ECV's) are available for rent at the park on a first-come basis for a fee. Advance reservations are recommended by calling the park directly.

  • Wheelchair Price: Electric $42.50, Push $12.00
  • Lockers: $5 per day, $8 for family size
  • Strollers: Single $15.00 full day, Double $20.00 full day

How large is Silver Dollar City?
Right now the park is over 61 acres.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?
We do not serve alcohol and do not allow it on our premises.

Is smoking allowed at Silver Dollar City?
Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas. For the convenience of smokers and non-smokers alike, 14 designated smoking areas are located as indicated on the park map.

Do you have a dress code?
Silver Dollar City is a family-friendly environment and requires appropriate dress. Although some of our rides and attractions may get you wet, we request that swimsuits be limited to children 8 and under only. While on rides, children 8 and under will be asked to wear shorts over swimwear; all others wearing swimsuits will be required to wear an appropriate coverup at all times. Guests wearing clothing that may be offensive or inappropriate (including profanity or suggestive material) will be asked to change. Shirts & shoes must be worn at all times. The use of shoes with built-in skates or wheels is prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone not properly attired, and appreciate your help in keeping our City a great place for families to visit.

Are cameras and video cameras permitted on park and at the shows?
Yes, in all areas of the park.

My spouse and I have difficulty with walking for long periods of time. Will we enjoy the park?
The park terrain does have some hills. Many activities are at the bottom of the park so you may want to rent an electric cart. However, we do provide numerous benches and shaded areas throughout the park.

Do you have plenty of parking available? Do you charge for parking?
There are plenty of free parking spaces available at Silver Dollar City. At most parking locations, a tram or bus will pick you up and take you to the admission gate. Handicapped parking is available for those with a permanent or temporary disabled tag, located close to the main admission gates. Preferred parking is also located close to the main gates of the park, and is available for a small fee: Season Pass Preferred $7; Preferred $13-$15.

Do you have rides for children?
Yes. The Grand Exposition and Fireman's Landing are two play areas designed specifically for children.

Are loose articles allowed on the rides?
Loose articles are not permitted on most rides. (This includes: hats, purses, cell phones, cameras, bags, personal electronics, pocket change, keys, etc.) Waist or fanny packs are not permitted on The GIANT Swing, PowderKeg, Thunderation or Wildfire. We recommend you leave valuables with a non-rider or secure them in a park locker, available for rent. Unsecured storage bins are available at most rides, however, Silver Dollar City cannot take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged articles. Articles taken on WaterWorks Waterboggan, Lost River of the Ozarks, and the American Plunge will get very wet.

Are there ride restrictions?
For your safety, some rides have height, size and health restrictions. In the event of inclement weather, some rides close when the temperature drops below a specific degree. You can view the ride temperatures at the entrance of the park.

What are the weather guidelines for rides and attractions?
We value your safety at Silver Dollar City. In the event of occasional inclement weather we adhere to the following guidelines listed below. During these times we invite you to visit indoor attractions, shops or restaurants until weather passes. Temperature At Which Each Ride/Attraction Closes:
 32 degrees: Fire-in-the-Hole*, Fireman's Flyer, High-Low Silos, Thunderation,
 34 degrees: Outlaw Run®**
 35 degrees: Electro Spin, Elephant March, Fire Spotter, Fire Wagon Frenzy, Happy Frogs, Ladybugs, Lucky's Dizzy Dogs, Magnificent Wave Carousel, Mighty Galleon, Racing Regatta, Royal Tea Party, Up The Ladder, Wings of Wonder
 38 degrees: FireFall, The Giant Barn Swing
 40 degrees: PowderKeg®, WildFire®
 42 degrees: Grand Exposition Coaster
*Fire-in-the-Hole will not operate when temperatures reach 32 degrees or less inside the ride building.
**Outlaw Run® will not begin operating for the day unless temperature reaches 37 degrees.

Do we need tickets for the shows at Silver Dollar City?
No. At Silver Dollar City your gate admission ticket covers all rides and shows. All shows occur several times during the day and are available on a first-come, first-seated basis. A listing of show descriptions and times is available at the front gate entrance. Don't forget to stay after the park closes for our night show in the outdoor Echo Hollow Amphitheater, weather permitting.

Do you serve a breakfast?
Yes. April through October, starting one hour prior to park opening, there is a buffet breakfast, available at Molly’s Mill Restaurant.

Does my ticket include the shows, Marvel Cave tour and rides?
Yes. You only pay for your food or merchandise items you choose to purchase.

My children already have a ticket to enter the park. What age can they enter the park without an adult?
Children 15 years and under must be accompanied by an adult while visiting Silver Dollar City.

Can I bring my pet on park?
Only service animals are allowed on park.

Does Silver Dollar City have pet facilities?
No, unfortunately Silver Dollar City does not have pet facilities. However, the following is a list of area kennels.

  • Adam's Animal Inn - 417-581-8946 - Ozark, Missouri
  • Allphin Veterinary Clinic - 417-272-8000 - Branson West, Missouri
  • Barking Palace Pet Salon - 417-739-4191 - Reeds Spring, Missouri
  • Branson Pet Resort - 417-335-6045 - Branson, Missouri
  • Camp Little Paws - 417-335-6800 - Branson, Missouri
  • Happy Hollow Pet Lodge - 417-581-7983 - Ozark, Missouri
  • Ozark Crest Kennels - 417-725-2121 - Nixa, Missouri
  • Paw Prints Day Care for Dogs - 417-858-6555 - Located between Branson and Eureka Springs
  • Wag-N-Tails - 417-858-2775 - Shell Knob, Missouri

Can I leave the park and be re-admitted the same day?
Yes. Silver Dollar City allows readmittance so guests can feel free to come and go from the park.

Why do my Silver Dollar City E-Tickets only have one name listed on them?
The name on the E-Ticket is the primary ticket holder but the tickets are valid for all within your party. 

When using the second day of my two day Silver Dollar City tickets, will the days the park is closed count as operating days?
When using your second day of entry for Silver Dollar City, you have two operating days from the first day of entry. If the park is closed, these days would not be counted since you could not enter the park.