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Date Service Rating Customer Review
6/15/2018 Ticket Purchase
it was easy to get around the web page and easy toorder
6/13/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
My request was handled efficiently, my reservation made. Today I had to cancel because of a family emergency and that was also handled very nicely, to my satisfaction.
6/10/2018 Ticket Purchase
Everything was very nice! We absolutely loved it!
6/7/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy and convenient.
6/7/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
I loved the experience simply because we could pick the things we wanted to do. Not some package where you go in blind hopeing you like any of it. Also could set a budget and stay with in it. Knowing the things you want to do and what you want to spend for the time you are there.
6/7/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Would use them again,easy vacation planning
6/3/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Website seemed easy to navigate. I got my hotel room and show tickets in one convenient place. I think I saved a few bucks but for easy no hassle booking it was worth it.
5/31/2018 Ticket Purchase
The representative was very nice and helpful. I had no problems.
5/31/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Very easy to move around when booking my tickets. Lots of hotels to compare and book.
5/31/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy to navigate.
5/24/2018 Hotel Booking
The website was easy to use. The filters are very helpful in narrowing down the hotels to consider. A helpful feature that I would like to see is a map of the area that shows the hotels that are generated on the list.
5/24/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Price is good. Easy check out. Second year using them.
5/19/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Customer service was great! We made the trip for only two people instead of the 4 that we had originally planned. Agent was able to rebook with just two and refund the difference.
5/19/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Very easy to reserve and buy things
5/19/2018 Ticket Purchase
I was very happy with their service and follow up.
5/19/2018 Ticket Purchase
I was looking for tickets to a couple of Branson shows. Didn’t want to get involved with a timeshare site. This site was very easy to use and didn’t take long. I was able to print off my tickets when finished and we are ready to go.
5/19/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Reservation system is very easy to use and has all the info I needed. I like the way it can scope to available shows for my travel dates.
5/19/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy display of shows available on visit date and simple method of payment and receiving tickets!
5/12/2018 Ticket Purchase
cheapest tickets I could find
5/11/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was convenient and quick. Being able to print out your own vouchers, or actual tickets in case of Samson, saves one much time - going to the venue early and waiting in line. They offer free cancellation and refund, enabling us to get our tickets early despite the fact that one from our party of 7 may not be able to go if he gets an applied for job. I needed to call about a printer problem - having to print from a different computer than the tickets arrived on - and the person who answered was very helpful. Their prices were competitive on several tickets I ordered. Just wish they were for all tickets as I would use them for all our tickets.

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